Our Leak Detection & Repair Services

Find it swimming pool leak detection and repair services

Leak Detection

The first step in finding and repairing your swimming pool leak is a quality Leak Detection. Each of our highly trained Leak Detection Specialists are experts at pinpointing the leaks in your pool or spa. Our leak detection procedure is one of the most thorough in the industry, and we focus on educating you, the client throughout the process. Once we have found the leak or leaks, you will receive our highly detailed “Leak Detection Report” including a thorough description of the status of your pool and spa and the location of any and all leaks. Included in this report is everything you need to proceed with the Leak Repair, along with our recommendations. Whenever possible, we offer our clients multiple options on how they may proceed with the repairs that are needed. Remember, before you call for a leak detection, that Swimming Pools can lose upwards of ¼” of water each day due to evaporation. If you would like to know for certain if your pool is leaking, you can confirm your leak overnight with our 24hr Bucket Test.

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Leak Repair

Once you have performed a Leak Detection, have pinpointed the leak or leaks, and received a Leak Detection Report, then your pool is ready for a leak repair. The majority of leak repairs that we do are both inexpensive, and can be handled the same day as our leak detection; giving you an “all-in-one” service. If the type of leak or leaks found in your pool or spa require a more specialized repair, we will refer you to one of our partners in the industry who each carry the same level of service, professionalism, and integrity that our company values. Finding the right company for a highly specialized pool repair can be very difficult – and hiring the wrong company can be very costly – let us work with our partners to see your repair project to completion, and see it done right.

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Whether you are thinking about selling or buying a home, inspections are a major part of the process. Those in the Real Estate industry choose Find It because of: our thorough leak detection inspection process, our quality inspection report, our level of professionalism in customer service, and our commitment to educating our clients. Our swimming pool and spa inspections are offered both pre and post-closing. A normal inspection involves our thorough leak detection inspection procedure, as well as a full testing of the pool’s operating equipment. Upon completion of the inspection, each party involved will received our highly detailed Swimming Pool Inspection Report, complete with a full description of any leaks in the pool, the status of the operating equipment, and also our repair recommendations if there are any needed. We offer discounted pricing to those who use us regularly on their inspections.

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