Swimming pool leaks are not always obvious. Even though you may see a crack in the pool, this may only be on the surface or on the plaster of the pool and not losing water. Our leak detection procedure for your pool is very thorough, checking first all the equipment, then the plumbing and lastly the entirety of the structure for leaks. New construction at or near the pool can sometimes cause new leaks to form, so always be wary and cautious if you are doing any work near to the pool. In Sherman Oaks, the soil itself is a large reason that pool leaks can begin, the expanding and contracting of the porous soil can cause movement and instability at or near the pool. Maybe it happened overnight seemingly? Small earthquakes will cause cracks that were not previously leaking to open up and begin losing water. Has it been leaking for a while? Small plumbing leaks and cracks can leak for a long time without being noticed if you are filling your water regularly or with an auto-fill. If you are unsure if your pool in Sherman Oaks is leaking, be sure to follow our links for the bucket test to determine whether there is a leak. Once you see that there is one, please give us a call.


Sherman Oaks is a city that many people living and working in Los Angeles call home. It is a busy hub for transportation, business, and shopping. Sherman Oaks was lastly hit very hard by an earthquake in 1994 during the Northridge earthquake which caused much damage to the area. While more flat than some of the hilliest areas in Los Angeles, there are many swimming pools within the limits of Sherman Oaks, and they are all susceptible to the same issues that contribute to swimming pool leaks throughout Los Angeles.