Swimming pool and spa leaks may happen due to a long list of possible causes. Swimming pool construction methods and accepted materials have varied greatly over time and also from person-to-person. Many swimming pool leaks are caused due to issues arising from these outdated building methods and materials. Recent construction work or additions done on or near a pool or spa can create leaks if they were done improperly.

Over time, even perfectly designed and constructed swimming pools may begin to leak due to a multitude of other stresses. One of the most important contributing factors to pool and spa leaks can be the soil surrounding your pool. The clay soil found in California tends to expand and contract due to changing moisture conditions, a gradual process that can lead to cracks forming in your swimming pool or spa structure or plumbing. Cracks in the structure are also commonly formed by tree roots, slowly growing out towards the water. Even lightning striking near a pool can cause cracks and leaks to form.

In California, there is another silent cause of swimming pool leaks – seismic pressure under the ground. Most of the earthquakes in California and around Los Angeles are so small that the residents won’t feel them. However, these small earthquakes are very harmful to swimming pools and spas in the affected area. All this small, gradual seismic activity causes movement in and around pools, which is why during any one of these small earthquakes the pool can begin to leak. Larger earthquakes can also cause larger issues such as fault rupture, landslides, flooding, and mudslides. After any earthquake near you, we recommend you should always do “The Bucket Test” to check your pool for any leaks.