Encinoís growth initially was kickstarted when it became a main stop on some of the mail carriers routes between San Francisco and Los Angeles in the late 1800ís. It has grown quite a bit since then! Encino is an area in Los Angeles that we visit quite often to diagnose swimming pool leaks. There are a lot of pools and there are a lot of reasons for them to leak. Our leak detection procedure is many steps, and our technicianís entire work vehicles are filled with the tools we need. We check your equipment for leaks, then we run pressure into your plumbing to determine if they are holding pressure (alright) or losing pressure (oh no). If we see a loss in pressure we then use sophisticated equipment to pinpoint its location. We also check the entirety of the structure for leaks and believe it or not, even through the winter, our hard-working technicians will often don their wetsuits and jump into the water to test further several areas of the pool from underwater. No matter what it takes, we are ready to help diagnose and fix your swimming pool leak in Encino. Please feel free to contact us today, our helpful leak detection specialists are waiting for your call.