Sometimes it seems like every house in Los Angeles has a pool, and a lot of them are currently losing water! The city of Los Angeles is vast and has many varying neighborhoods and topography. Swimming pools have been installed here since people began moving here heavily in the 40s and 50s. We have been to pools that are nearly 100 years old to locate leaks (and also ponds, Jacuzzis, etc). The old construction methods that were used are now outdated and can cause issues. Things like copper plumbing, improper skimmer construction, placement of the pool, no stabilizing placed around the pool can all be causes of leaks in these older pools. But, your pool doesnt have to be old at all to be leaking! We sometimes are called out to newly-installed pools that already have issues. Do your research before hiring anyone to do pool construction, and if there is an issue call us! Newer pools can leak due to a number of issues though, construction being the least of the worries normally. Things like topography, soil conditions, improper water chemistry, seismic activity, corrosion, tree roots, and even lightning strikes can cause newer pools to leak. If you are unsure if you have a leak, we recommend first performing a 24-hour bucket test to determine if water is being lost. If you do see there is water loss, then please call us to come out with our guaranteed leak detection service, wed love to help!




The City of Los Angeles or L.A. is the second most inhabited city in the United States, behind only New York. There are over 80 districts and neighborhoods in L.A. covering 469 square miles. Los Angeles city is covered with many hills and valleys and also intersected by many fault lines two features which regularly lead to swimming pool leaks. Los Angeles is a large, varied, and diverse city famous for Hollywood, Santa Monica, and perfect weather. Our company is proud to serve Los Angeles and committed to fixing its swimming pool leaks and conserving water for the state of California.