Northridge has a long history with seismic activity, this we know. There is a fault line running underneath several areas in the San Fernando Valley that causes ground movement and this is especially prevalent in the city of Northridge. Northridge and the areas nearby grew in population heavily from 1950-1980 and a large percentage of the people who moved here installed swimming pools. We see many of the same types, builders, and issues on the swimming pools in the Northridge area. The clay-like soil in the area expands and contracts constantly and this is actually the main cause of leaking pools. Whatever the cause, once a pool begins leaking it is important to get a swimming pool leak detection as soon as possible to determine the area and source of the leak and get it repaired. Often times, we do not know the exact cause of a leak until we dig it up (cracked pipe, root growth), but the water that is being lost will follow the path of least resistance and fully saturate the ground in your yard which can lead to further instabilities. If you see or think that your pool is leaking, donít delay. Do our simple 24-hour bucket test to determine if there is indeed a leak in the pool and if there is, simply give us a call and we will send one of our leak detection specialists to diagnose and repair the issue.




Northridge is a 10 square mile neighborhood located in the San Fernando Valley. Northridge is most well-known these days as the home of California State University, Northridge a fully-accredited state college that offers bachelorís and masterís degrees in a multitude of disciplines. Northridge contains the Devonshire Downs stadium, which was the site of two of the most famous music festivals in Americaís history. The most notable is the Newport Pop Festival, which was the inspiration for (and some say was much better than) Woodstock. Northridgeís history was changed forever in 1994 when a 6.7 magnitude struck just outside the city limits and shook Los Angeles and its surrounding areas worse than any other earthquake since then.